On the development of an island-style FPGA

Yang Azevedo Tavares

ORCID iD Universidade Federal do Rio grande do Norte (UFRN) Brasil

Diomadson Rodrigues Belfort

ORCID iD Universidade Federal do Rio grande do Norte (UFRN) Brasil

Sebastian Yuri Cavalcanti Catunda

ORCID iD Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte Brasil

Sabiniano Araújo Rodrigues

Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia da Paraíba (IFPB) Brasil

James Tandon

California State University, East Bay (United States) Estados Unidos da América do Norte


This paper presents the development of a custom SRAM island-style FPGA, covering the information needed and the steps involved in hardware implementation, bitstream configuration and design alternatives to facilitate the overall implementation effort from an academic point of view. To achieve the state of the art, commercial FPGAs can employ a large team, a high time-to-market, and high non-recurring engineering costs. In contrast, by taking the challenge of building a custom FPGA with a small team of researchers, the development of custom architecture and size focuses on the proof of concept. This baseline methodology result can be a start point for the development of new technologies or circuit enhancements.


Field programmable gate arrays; Reconfigurable architectures; Circuit synthesis; Read-write memory; Design methodology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18265/1517-03062015v1n48p85-98

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