Granito Azul Sucuru: Caracterização Tecnológica Através do Aproveitamento do Material

Lúcio Flávio Moreira Cavalcanti


Felisbela Maria da Costa Oliveira


Evenildo Bezerra de Melo


Amanda Cristiane Gonçalves Fernades



In this study aims to present possibilities for utilization of waste of “Blue Granite Sucuru” obtained in the exploration phase and whose field is disabled, located in the Paraiba Cariri, in the municipality of Sumé, PB. It was determined the physical indices of this material that showed the following values: density 2660 kg / m3 ; porosity and absorption 0.26% 0.10%, and these ratios are consistent with those proposed by NBR 15844 - granites requirements for such coating material. Starting from field visits collect materials from the waste, which were crushed and one hundred selected pieces were measured values of their lengths, thickness and width, analyzed in the light of ISO 9654. The coarse aggregate produced shows high percentage of cubic materials (64%) and 36% elongated / lamellar material. Thus, the use of elongated gravel / lamellar in the manufacture of concrete reduces the strength thereof to increase the porosity and the possibility of segregation of the mortar when the density of the material in ways. Therefore, the crushed rock produced from the material even though they have good resistance to weathering actions on account of their mineralogical composition (low content in minerals iron and magnesium oxides and 60% alkali feldspar) can used in the manufacture of concrete, provided it has precautions as to and grain size to prevent them from becoming trapped between the steel bars that make up the armor and hinder the consolidation of the concrete, which may cause problems such as segregation of the mixture and the empty forms. However these same britas not lend themselves to constitute ballast railways, as have 36% of elongated / lamellar particles when, in use, the maximum allowed is 10%. Therefore, a better economic and environmental feasibility of the blocks which are not used with ornamental purpose is possible, in which the waste can be availed in the form of crushed stone for the construction industry.


Blue Granite Sucuru. Crushed rock elongated lamellar. Minerals.

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