Physical and Mechanical Properties of Starch Films – The role of the crosslinking mechanism through iodine binding capacity

Aline Merci

ORCID iD Department of Chemistry, CCE, State University of Londrina, PO Box 6001, Zip Code 86051‐990 – Londrina, PR, Brazil Brasil

Mariana Moraes Góes

Department of Chemistry, CCE, State University of Londrina, PO Box 6001, Zip Code 86051‐990 – Londrina, PR, Brazil Brasil

Suzana Mali

ORCID iD Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, CCE, State University of Londrina, PO Box 6001 Box 6001, Zip Code 86051‐990 – Londrina, PR, Brazil Brasil

Fabio Yamashita

ORCID iD Department of Food Science and Technology, State University of Londrina, UEL, 86051-990 Londrina, PR, Brazil Brasil

Gizilene Maria de Carvalho

ORCID iD Department of Chemistry, CCE, State University of Londrina, PO Box 6001, Zip Code 86051‐990 – Londrina, PR, Brazil Brasil


In this study, a better knowledge of the influence of crosslinking mechanism on the mechanical properties of starch films is presented. Thus, waxy starch and cassava starch films, cross-linked with trisodium trimetaphosphate (TMPT), were produced and characterized with respect to their morphology, transport, and mechanical properties. Starch crosslinking was verified by RAMAN spectroscopy and by iodine binding capacity (IBC) values, which were determined by color analysis of digital images. Although crosslinking affects the morphology and crystallinity of the films, it was not observed relationship between the mechanism of the crosslinking reaction of starch chain (amylose-amylopectin and amylopectin-amylopectin) and the transport properties. The lower Young Modulus and IBC value and the higher elongation at break observed for crosslinking cassava starch films relative to control and waxy films indicate that crosslinking mechanism influences the mechanical properties of starch films and should be considered to tailor the final properties of packaging and biobased products.


Chemical modification. Mechanical properties. Cassava starch. Waxy maize starch. Amylose content.

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